Magirus Wolf C1: Tactical robot for logistics & operations support

When every minute counts or long distances in rough terrain have to be covered, transporting heavy loads and equipment can become a real challenge. The innovative Wolf C1 tactical robot by Magirus supports fire brigades and civil protection forces whereever needed. Its reliable swap body system including airline rails offers seamless compatibility with standard fire-fighting equipment. Nevertheless, it can also be equipped for special operations. Even with the maximum payload, the Wolf C1 retains its manoeuvrability. Its outstanding flexibility makes it the ideal support vehicle for a wide range of tasks while always ensuring safe and easy operating for emergeny services thanks to its remote control.

The next generation of misson support

The Magirus Wolf C1 can be transported quickly and easy via logistics vehicles, swap body vehicles or a trailer. At the deployment site, the outstanding flexibility makes the robot the ideal support vehicle for a wide range of tasks like

  • logistics operations with heavy equipment like power generators
  • to be used as mobile lightmast or for large flow ventilators
  • laying hoses
  • transporting injured persons
  • and many more

Powerful crawler chassis

Magirus Wolf C1 robot on crawler chassis
The Wolf C1 is robust, manoeuvrable and optimally deployable at all times - even in complex situations and in challenging terrain.
Weight:approx. 560 kg (depending on configuration)
Dimensions (L x W x H):approx. 1,500 x 1,300 x 760-900 mm (lifting table retracted/extended)
Engine:2 drive motors รก 7.5 kW with 1,050 Nm torque

- 8.8 kWh lithium-ion battery

- maximum operating time due to simple tool-free battery change

- batteries with self-managing temperature management system

Payload:carrier vehicle: 500 kg or incl. swap body: 400 kg
Towing capacity:up to 4 t, e.g. for towing a vehicle or pulling a trailer

Perfectly equipped

The Magirus Wolf C1 comes with ideal equipment in series and flexible options according to your specific needs and requirements.

  • Lifting table
    Magirus Wolf C1 with lifting table for swab body system
    Swap body  on Magirus Wolf C1 (side view)

    Electronically controllable lifting table to accomodate a swap body

  • Lighting
    Lighting Magirus Wolf C1 robot (front view)
    Lighting Magirus Wolf C1 (rear view)
    • 2 directional LED headlights each in the front and rear area, switches automatically in case of changes in direction (red/white)
    • Optional: 2 blue lights (LED) each in the front and rear area
  • Control

    Line of sight via hand control unit with a range of approx. 250 m

  • Airline rails

    The Wolf C1 by Magirus comes with a professional all-round rail system for flexible fastening and optimal securing of equipment and loads. The carrier vehicle is equipped with four rails as standard.

Flexible swap body system

Magirus Wolf C1 with flexible swap body system
The expandable swap body system incl. airline rails ensures maximum flexibility and safe transport.

The swap body system of the Magirus Wolf C1 with its airline rails is especially suitable for diverse logistics and transport work. The swap bodies can be set down or picked up via the electrically controlled lifting table. It is lockable without tools and the telescopic support legs are individually adjustable. In addition, the swap body can be equipped with versatile options for tasks like

  • logistics and transport of portable fire pumps, power generators, sandbags, etc.
  • transport of injured persons (pick-up and transport of up to 2 basket stretchers)
  • illumination of the operation site e.g. as mobile lighting mast
  • firefighting with manual fan (placement on site)
  • ventilation and exhaust
  • laying hoses

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Versatile options for every requirement

Trailer coupling for Magirus Wolf C1
Trailer coupling can be removed without tools
Powerful cable winch for Magirus Wolf C1
Powerful cable winch
  • Expandable swap body system: additional swap bodies for flexible assembly on site and/or as individually configurable swap body modules (pre-equipped for recurring requirements)
  • Powerful winch with up to 2.4 t pulling force
  • Extendable spike stabilizers for maximum grip
  • Trailer coupling, removable without tools

Further equipment and options upon request

Information material

You will find more information about the innovative Magirus Wolf C1 logistics platform here.

Datasheet Wolf C1 - Robot for Logistics & Operations Support (English)
Datasheet Wolf C1 - Logistics platform (English)
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