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All over the world, the name "Magirus" is synonymous with turntable ladders. Ever since 1872, when our founder Conrad Dietrich Magirus developed the first free-standing fire brigade ladder, we have continuously "dominated the airspace". Until today our range of aerials is the most innovative and most comprehensive providing unequalled performance, advanced features and all the typical Magirus advantages.

At a glance: Proven Magirus turntable ladders

Find the right turntable ladder customised for your requirements and needs.

  • M27L on Iveco chassis

    With a working height of 27 m and a manoeuvrable chassis, the M27L is highly compact while still providing high performance.

    Magirus M32L

    Fast, highly manoeuvrable and extraordinarily reliable: These are only a few of the multiple benefits of this proven standard turntable ladder.

    Magirus M32L-AS

    The Original: The turntable ladder with articulated arm reaches any place and is succesfully on duty all over the world.

    M32L-AS n.B. turntable ladder

    Articulated arm meets low profile chassis: The M32L-AS n.B. brings firefighters to places where conventional ladders reach their limits.

  • Magirus M32L-AT

    Best in class: The M32L-AS with a working height of 32 m and articulated telescoping arm extends the operating range of fire brigades considerably.

    Magirus M34L-H

    For "heavy-duty" operations: The M34L-H has a high rescue capacity and is equipped with state-of-the-art safety technology.

    Magirus M39L

    With a working height of 39 m, this turntable ladder is best on the job where fire brigades have to reach particular heights.

    Magirus M42L

    For those who aim high: The M42L is on duty where fire brigades have to reach high places in modern large cities and conurbations.

  • Magirus M42L-AS

    The world's highest articulated ladder: The reliable M42L-AS offers the benefits of articulation at heights greater than any achieved in the past.

    Magirus M55L

    Ideally suited for use in modern large cities: Our M55L is in demand wherever fire brigades have to reach extremely high places.

    Magirus M60L

    A higher calling: With 60 m this turntable ladder has an exceptionally high working height for use in modern metropolises and conurbations.

    Magirus M68L

    A completely new dimension: The world's highest turntable ladder from Magirus reaches the greatest heights in modern metropolis and large cities.

We also offer our turntable ladders with articulated arm with 30 m or 35 m working height. The respective vehicle types M30L-A and M35L-AT are available on request. Furthermore, our range includes two additional models: The M35L with 35 m working height and the M39L with 39 m working height. In general, all turntable ladders of the 30 meter class can be built on low profile chassis. With the M64L we provide another turntable ladder that is suitable to reach extremely high places in large cities or conurbations.

Hydraulic platform meets tank pumper

Want to combine the best of two worlds? Our Magirus MultiStar multi-purpose vehicle combines the benefits of a tank pumper with a modern hydraulic plattform. It's also available as rescue vehicle with the MultiStar hydraulic work unit.

  • Magirus MultiStar

    The best of two worlds: The MultiStar multi-purpose vehicles combines the benefits of a tank pumper with those of a hydraulic platform.


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