Magirus RescueLoader RL500

Rescuing obese people poses a major challenge for emergency personnel. When conventional methods fail and in situations where improvisation has previously been needed, the Magirus Rescue Loader RL500 represents a real revolution. Precise manoeuvring, maximal safety and a complete overview: this is what the Magirus Rescue Loader RL500 guarantees.

Routine – not improvisation.

Rescue work, especially in the case of obese people, often presents nearly insoluble tasks: staircases are too narrow, access unsuitable or stretchers are too narrow. Rescuers must often improvise with cranes, excavators and other external aids. Such responses cannot be trained. The Magirus Rescue Loader replaces improvisation with structured, trained usage procedures – a clear plus for rescuers and those they assist.

  • Inspired by everyday rescue situations.

    To protect the patient during a mission, the Rescue Loader RL500 has anchor points for supporting personnel. The integrated chain-hoist system precisely and easily lifts the heavy-duty stretcher. Mounted floodlights ensure the best visibility. An intelligent levelling system and special transport functions make rescues safe and gentle.

Convincing reasons for the Magirus Rescue Loader RL500:

  • Maximal safety

    Maximal safety.

    The safest handling of new technology – with the same operation as usual. The Magirus Rescue Loader RL500 is attached to the top of the Magirus turntable ladder and connected to the turntable ladder's electronics. All Magirus safety systems – such as motion detection or load monitoring – are thus activated at all times. The addition of automatic levelling, for extension and retraction that is perpendicular to the house wall, together with your experience, makes rescues safe and secure.

  • Complete overview

    Precision at your fingertips.

    A mobile remote control provides the necessary fine adjustment of the RL500. It steers all functions from the room where the injured person is located.

  • Precise manoeuvring

    Exact positioning when space is at a premium.

    All too often, structural conditions complicate a rescue. We have dealt with this challenge by designing the Magirus Rescue Loader RL500 to function rapidly and safely in the least possible space and with the utmost manoeuvrability. Tilt angles of - 20° guarantee universal deployment and rescue even from a skylight. Pivot angles of +/- 45° around the vertical axis enable fast, safe rescues even if the vehicle cannot be optimally positioned in front of the window.

  • Rapidly on site

    Seconds always count.

    The RL500 can be rapidly and easily transported with conventional roller containers as based on DFV recommendations. It can either be brought directly to the rescue site with the turntable ladder, or on its own, for example from a neighbouring fire station.

Magirus Rescue Loader RL500

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Technical Datasheet Magirus Rescue Loader RL500
Technical Datasheet Rescue Loader RL500 (English)
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