RescueSupport RS300 - the flexible basket stretcher support

The RescueSupport RS300 from Magirus offers emergency services another simple and effective solution for rescuing people weighing up to 300 kg quickly and safely. In conjunction with a turntable ladder the new basket stretcher support under the rescue cage ensures to transport them gently. Thanks to a set-up time of only 20 seconds, the flexible RS300 is quickly ready to use.

For conventional and unconventional rescue of persons

Whether for challenging rescues of persons or to support conventional operations at heights and depths the RescueSupport RS300 offers a simple and effective solution to rescue persons with up to 300 kg quickly and safely.

  • Even with skylights or balcony parapets, the rescue can be carried out efficiently and safely - for injured persons as well as firefighters thanks to its simple operability and smooth-running roller guides.
  • In the case of unaccessable or difficult-to-access rescue routes such as narrow stairwells, the rescue system expands existing possibilities and reduces additional efforts.

Minimum effort, maximum rescue load

Magirus RescueSupport RS300 set
Magirus RescueSupport RS300 set

Up to 300 kg of rescue load can be accommodated on the quick-mount rail system under the rescue cage. The RS300 is light, robust and can be mounted and operated at an ergonomic height. The transfer, even of large loads, from the building is supported by particularly smooth-running roller guides.

Set-up time:approx. 20 seconds
Weight:max. 10 kg per individual part
Rescue load:up to 300 kg
Baskets stretchers:also suitable for heavy-duty basket stretchers
Rescue cages:can be used for all Magirus rescue cages, from the compact RC300 to the spacious RC500
Accessories:extensive rescues accessories included; can be individually extended upon request, e.g. for securing patients over 150 kg*

 * rescue triangle for max. 150 kg included

Your advantages in operations

The new RescueSupport RS300 by Magirus offers a wide range of benefits in rescue operations such as

  • lightweight individual parts for assembly at an ergonomic height
  • quick, easy & safe to use
  • gentle lifting of the rescue load by the turntable ladder
  • relieving inclined position or upper body elevation possible
  • highest efficiency and flexibility, e.g. when laddering across a corner, the stretcher can also be used at any angle without any problems

Information material

Get to know more about our RescueSupport RS300 and download our latest product datasheet.

Magirus RescueSupport RS300 datasheet (English)
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