Magirus M32L-AS n.B. - Articulated arm meets low profile chassis

While tunnels, bridges and narrow city centre streets complicate the access to missions in firefighter's everyday work, the Magirus M32L-AS n.B. articulated turntable ladder on low profile chassis guarantees a trouble-free approach and thus, the opportunity for fast rescues. The 4th generation of the approved low profile ladder from Magirus comes with a newly developed chassis with all-automatic Allision transmission. Thanks to its compact vehicle dimensions, the M32L-AS n.B. ensures a smoother and faster approach even in tunnels, arches and narrow driving conditions.

  • Concept


    Working height: 32 m
    Rescue cage: RC300 for 3 persons/300 kg
    Chassis: IVECO Eurocargo 160 E32 n.B, Euro VI
    Vehicle dimensions: 10,100 mm x 2,400 m x 3,000 mm
    Ladder set: 4-sections
    Articulated arm technology: Articulated arm 4.9 m
  • Standard equipment
    Magirus VARIO jacking system
    Magirus VARIO jacking system
    • Improved weight distribution between the axles: More payload for load
    • Cab 1 + 2 (day cab)
    • 4-section ladder set with Magirus CS (Computer Stabilization) and patented Single Extension system
    • Articulated arm with a penetration depth of up to 4.9 m allows reaching emergencies in narrow city centres, winding, contorted industrial facilities and below ground-level areas
    • VARIO jacking system
    • Large-volume equipment locker plus podium set-up with new design layout
    • Ergonomic main control stand
    • Water piping with a capacity of up to 2,500 l/min
    • Rescue cage for 3 persons / 300 kg with central control stand and practical entry doors in front cage corners
    • Increased safety at the scene by powerful LED lighting/ Display indicators and computer monitoring for easy and safe operating
  • Optionally available

    • Rear-axle steering
    • Magirus Direct Entry (MDE) for cage access in front of the cab
    • Further suitable models of the Magirus rescue cage series:
      • RC400-C “Compact” for 4 persons / 400 kg
      • RC400 for 4 persons / 400 kg
      • RC500 for 5 persons / 500 kg

    • Load eye for load transport:
    • Stretcher support: 200 kg / 270 kg
    • Pressure ventilator support at cage
    • Power supply to cage and various types of illumination
    • Thermal imaging / real imaging camera at cage
    • Manually or electrically controlled water monitor, mountable or permanently integrated
      • Load eye on cage floor RC300: 300 kg
      • Load eye on cage floor RC400-C / RC400: 400 kg / RC500: 500 kg
      • Load eye on top ladder section: 500 kg
      • Load eye on lower ladder section: 4,000 kg

    • Magirus Safety Peak: anchor point for securing and rescuing up to 2 persons, EN 795-certified
    • Functional equipment for rope rescuing and safety
    • Autopilot memory control, shaft rescue function, automatic ladder rest position
    • Remote diagnostic system
    • Variable custom design and painting options
    • Low profile ladder also available as M32L, M32L-AT and M39L
    • Wide range of additional equipment and options available

Maneuverable and fast

An additional benefit when it comes to travel time is the M32L-AS n.B.’s enlarged steering angle, which results in increased maneuverability and a significant reduction in the need to drive in reverse. Thanks to the 1+2 driver’s cab, three people can be placed in the turntable ladder vehicle which means that an entire team is available at the scene. In order to ensure that the driver has full control of the vehicle and to provide the maximum level of safety in the event of inclement weather and extreme driving situations, ESP comes standard on the low-profile vehicle. Furthermore, the M32L-AS n.B. on low profile chassis has also been optimized so that it meets the stringent requirements of the Euro 6 emissions standard.  

Information material

You will find more information about the vehicle here.

Technical Datasheet Magirus M32L-AS n.B.
Technical Datasheet M32L-AS n.B. (English)
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