Serving Heroes. Our philosophy.

Every day fire-fighters and disaster responders all over the world do their best to save lives, defy the forces of nature and save people in difficult situations. This requires them to constantly overcome their own limitations and become real heroes of our time. These people not only have a career, they're living out a calling. Our mission is to give them ideal support for facing all their challenges and provide them with the best equipment possible. That's why we do everything we can to produce the most innovative and reliable turntable ladders, fire engines, rescue vehicles, logistics vehicles, special vehicles, airport fire engines and components.


We are utterly convinced that the best fire-fighting equipment is built by fire-fighters themselves. They know exactly how their comrades think, what they need in an emergency, what makes their job easier and how to make sure they are as safe as possible. This is the reason why many of our staff are themselves in fire-fighting and disaster response teams and stay in close contact with their customers, who are at the same time their comrades. This lets us continously create trend-setting innovations adopted for use by fire brigades all around the world.


Serving Heroes. Since 1864.