Customer Service: Our vehicle service for your fire department

Year after year new firefighting vehicles leave our plants to do their duty around the world in the tough everyday routine of the fire brigade. Their assignments involve the utmost in responsibility; they always have to provide a maximum of safety, even under extreme conditions – to those who need help just as much as to those who help them. We're committed to this responsibility as long as our firefighting vehicles are at work for you. Our customer service is your primary contact for technical advice, guidance and support. Our customer service specialists take over all the tasks that are necessary for ongoing operations.

30 March 2020

Due to the current pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, we kindly ask you to read the following information on how to get in touch with our main contact references.


We are here for you 24/7.

Our responsibility doesn't end with the sale. We see ourselves as partners of firefighters and rescue services. And that's why we're here for you the same way you have to be ready for action: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Besides our business hours, our Customer Service Department guarantees optimum response times with a 24/7 availability:


24/7 service telephone: +49 731 408 408-0

The right contact right away.

Do you have a technical question regarding a Magirus fire brigade product you've purchased? Our qualified staff are glad to help you with their many years of experience.

Contact person of Technical Helpdesk

If you need a field technician to repair your Magirus product, please contact our on-site service.

Long-term availability of spare parts – around the world.

Fire-brigade vehicles are often on duty for decades. We keep thousands of original spare parts on hand in our warehouses in order to guarantee they stay mobile at all times. With our spare parts documentation, parts remain available even over very long periods of time or can be produced on a one-off basis when necessary. Due to efficient parts planning and modern inventory management we can supply the necessary spare parts in almost no time at all, anywhere around the globe. From the water split ring all the way to the complete pump: We always have everything available to guarantee your vehicles are available.

Conveniently via e-mail – or personally via phone?

We are available during our official service times from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. To reach us by telephone, we have now set up additional numbers:


Magirus Replacement Part Technology, Ulm  +49 (0) 731 408 4467
Magirus Order Processing, Ulm+49 (0) 731 408 4476

Requests and orders can also be conveniently placed via e-mail to Please make sure to add the following information if you place a request:

  • Your contact data (name, surname, name of your organisation/company/fire department, address)
  • Information about the vehicle or product (Factory and/or order number, chassis/product number, chassis/product type, etc.)

Send a request!

When our fire brigade comrades call, we bring safety to them on location.

Our structure is entirely oriented towards their needs. That’s why we offer possibly the most comprehensive field service in the sector. When you need us, we are there.

We're always on the move to make sure you stay mobile.
Our service base is structured exactly like our customer base: Internationally. Over 100 members strong, our team of service technicians is unique in the branch. The reason we maintain such a team is that the principle of assistance on location is a priority for us. The customer shouldn't have to come to us, we go to the customer.

The reason is simple: Maintenance work carried out on site minimises vehicle standstill and down-time, and the fire brigade stays mobile and ready for action. On top of that, we constantly learn more and more about what your priorities are and what requirements you have. That's a win-win situation for both sides.

In order to provide this comprehensive service, our technicians are excellently trained and highly qualified specialists. We're just as good with turntable ladder technologies as we are in areas like superstructures, pumps, generators, superstructure extinguishing technologies and storage. And we can guarantee reliable diagnoses with computer-supported maintenance and inspection tasks on location.

Safety can be planned.

Our maintenance concept embodies our entire range of experience and expertise – as fire-fighters, technicians, as comrades who know what really matters. The flexible scope of our services guarantees the long-term availability and optimum operation of your vehicles.

Our "Stage Plan" for ensuring a long service life for your vehicles.
Our service contracts let you calculate the exact budget you'll need to maintain your vehicles and equipment from the first day on. And you benefit from more than just planning reliability: Regular maintenance by the manufacturer increases the availability of the technology and makes an important contribution to keeping operating costs low. Possible sources of problems are recognised and corrected in a short time, and the vehicles are continuously kept in optimised condition. Always ready for action.

Our "Stage Plan" helps retain value and lengthen service life – and in some cases may also increase the resale value. We can offer you two contract models which build on one another and which you can conclude according to your own individual requirements.

Contact persons for Service Contracts

  • Contact for Service Contracts, International

    Phone +49 731 408-3171
    Fax +49 731 408-2412

    Send e-mail

  • Contact for Service Contracts, Germany

    Phone +49 731 408-4496
    Fax +49 731 408-2412

    Send e-mail

What was once very good can stay very good.

With repairs and general overhauls, we can give your vehicles a new lease on life – and thus offer you interesting alternatives to the purchase of new vehicles. Our in-house workshops provide you with our complete range of expertise as manufacturer and maintenance technician. After all, nothing is as good as the original.

Maintaining or recreating the value of your vehicles is the objective not only of planned maintenance tasks but also of repairing accident-damaged vehicles, and in case of insurance claims. Our highly professional mechanics handle all the tasks we perform as a part of this assignment. Here we coordinate our activities with the Construction, Electronics and Production areas. This ensures that your repaired vehicle leaves the plant in the best possible condition, is once again ready for action and benefits from the latest state-of-the art technologies.

General overhaul
Because of their excellent manufacturing qualities, Magirus products have an above-average service life time. This means that vehicles with well over 20 years of active service are still on duty every day – and still provide excellent service. A general overhaul can modernise such vehicles with the networked expertise of the manufacturer from top to bottom and can adapt them completely to today's requirements. So that they can keep on serving for many years to come.

Updates and improvements are automatically included in the overhaul – and give you a tangible created value! By arrangement, the UVV/GUV inspection can also be carried out.

As a rule we perform the following tasks when overhauling your turntable ladder:

  • Restore the ladder set pre-stressing
  • Sand-blast, seal and paint the ladder unit
  • Inspect and when appropriate replace all cables and winches
  • Inspect the switches and operational elements
  • Visually inspect all superstructure and mounted elements including rescue cage and podium