7x HookLift (8x4) for Italian Ministry of Interior

WLF / HookLift
Italian Ministry of Interior
T-Way 510, 8 x 4 (Iveco)
Motor Power
375 kW (510 HP), Euro 6
Gross Vehicle Weight
40,000 kg
5,020 + 1,380 mm
Crew Cab
1 + 1
Pump Capacity
Water Tank / Foam Tank
- / -
Vehicle Dimensions
9,700 x 2,500 x 3,300 mm

Superstructure Details

  • Interchangeable loader system: 32 t hook lift with tipper and roll-off container
  • Front-mounted steel plate in accordance with DIN 76060 for multi-purpose applications (winch, dozer blade, etc.)

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