M32L-AT for Zorneding

FD Zorneding
Atego 1530F, 4 x 2 (Mercedes-Benz)
Motor Power
220 kW (299 HP), Euro 6
Gross Vehicle Weight
15,500 kg
4,760 mm
Crew Cab
1 + 2
Working Height
32.4 m
Vehicle Dimensions
10,200 x 2,500 x 3,260 mm

Superstructure Details

  • 5 part ladder set and telescopic articulated part, the articulated part of max. 5 m can be swiveled up to75°
  • Rescue cage RC400 - 400 kg
  • 4 LED headlights, fixed on the rescue cage
  • Heavy duty stretcher support on rescue cage for 270 kg
  • Magirus Safety Peak
  • Water / foam monitor (2,500 l/min) electrically adjustable in the front of the cage
  • Generator with start-stop from main control stand
  • Safety Magirus Edge lights
  • Video support system for jacking area with LED spots
  • Magirus Direct entry
  • Folding ladder at the rear
  • Additional equipment and tactical firefighting loading at customer's request



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