TLF 3000 for Waldkirchen

TLF 3000 / STLF 20-25
FD Waldkirchen
Atego 1530AF, 4 x 4 (Mercedes-Benz)
Motor Power
220 kW (299 HP), Euro 6
Gross Vehicle Weight
14,000 kg
3,860 mm
Crew Cab
1 + 2
Pump Capacity
3,000 l/min at 10 bar
Water Tank / Foam Tank
3,500 l / -
Vehicle Dimensions
7,345 x 2,500 x 3,000 mm

Superstructure Details

  • AluFire3 superstructure
  • Additional C outlet on the bumper
  • Rapid intervention Hose reel normal pressure
  • Pneumatic lightmast with 6 x 24 V LED-headlights
  • Dirty water pump, water suction device, folding container, 4 compressed air breathing apparatus, quick attack, 4 x 2000 mm A suction hoses
  • Generator
  • Hygiene board
  • Foldable roof monitor Alco APF 2,5 
  • Additional C outlet on the superstructure roof
  • Ground spraying nozzles on front axle
  • Rearview  camera 
  • Additional equipment and tactical fire-fighting loading at customer's request

Contact & Service

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