TLF 3000 for Wörth a.d.Donau

TLF 3000 / STLF 20-25
FD Wörth a.d.Donau
TGM 13.290 BL, 4 x 4 (MAN)
Motor Power
213 kW (290 HP), Euro 5
Gross Vehicle Weight
14,000 kg
3,650 mm
Crew Cab
1 + 2
Pump Capacity
2,000 l/min at 10 bar
Water Tank / Foam Tank
3,000 l / 200 l
Vehicle Dimensions
7,090 x 2,500 x 3,300 mm

Superstructure Details

  • AluFire3 superstructure
  • Foam mixing Z4 permanently installed in the right "B" outlet
  • Rapid intervention hose reel normal pressure
  • BA storage for central seat and passenger seat
  • Extensive lighting and warning devices in LED technology
  • Magirus rear warning system LED
  • Start / stop function including monitoring of the generator from the pump control panel
  • Pneumatic lightmast with 6x LED - 24 V headlights
  • 2 control elements for lightmast - 1x GR and 1x G2
  • Folding container, spare bottles, ventilation units, heat protection, 3x hose basket C, 1x hose basket forest fire, lighting, cable reel, plasma cutter, hydraulic rescue set, unassembled sliding blocks, rescue cylinder, extension ladder
  • Generator
  • Hygiene board
  • Additional C-outlet on superstructure roof
  • Fixed-pipe water monitor APF 2 to be used on superstructure roof or as a mobile unit 
  • Rearview  camera 
  • Additional equipment and tactical fire-fighting loading at customer's request

Contact & Service

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