Wolf R1 for Ehrwald

Wolf R1
Volunteer Fire Brigade of Ehrwald
Motor Power
2 drive motors á 7,5 kW with 1.050 Nm torque
Gross Vehicle Weight
750 kg
Vehicle Dimensions
1.800 x 1.270 x 1.300 mm

Vehicle Figures

  • Lithium-ion battery, 8.8 kWh with temperature management system
  • Water/foam monitor: 2,500 l/min at 12 bar, throwing range: approx. 65 m
  • Additional STORZ-B outlet right hand side for near-field firefighting 
  • Stainless steel self-protection tubular frame 
  • Cable winch: approx.2.3t tractive force, with extendable stabilizer 
  • Camera systems, including compressed air-cleaning system:
    • 4 UHD directional cameras (static)
    • 1 UHD and thermal vision camera (dynamic)

  • Lighting/Light Package/Warning devices:
    • 12 LED headlights, each 1,900 lumens, static in all directions
    • 2 headlights, each 1,900 lumen, dynamic at water/foam monitor
    • Blue LED flashing lights to all directions 

  • Trailer coupling, ball head type
  • Tractive force up to 4 t
  • WOLF R1 quick-change logistic bridge for divers' equipment attachments
  • Remote control
  • Tablet for image and video transmission
  • Additional equipment according to customer request


Turbine Figures


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