Knowledge is one of those things that grows when shared.

In addition, the Magirus Fire Fighter Academy is the optimal platform for everyone who wants to expand their know-how and share with colleagues. At national and international levels. The Academy is available in Ulm, Italy, France, Austria and many other countries where fire-fighters and disaster relief workers use Magirus vehicles and equipment. Here, international experts meet international participants. The result is knowledge transfer that goes far beyond national borders.

Bundled know-how and international competence.

Our course and seminar programme is as diverse as the daily missions that demand maximum performance from fire brigades. Doing the right thing every second of a mission, knowing one’s equipment and vehicle from the inside out, being as best prepared for difficult situations as possible – this is the declared goal of the course and seminar programme of the Magirus Fire Fighter Academy. Only when these factors are right can you focus 100% on a mission. With perfect operation, you contribute significantly to the preservation of equipment and vehicles as well.


When we succeed at this – as shown by our over 1,400 course participants per year – we at Magirus know that we are doing something right. Each course, regardless of the training goals, participant group or level, is developed based on the following principles:

  • 1. Comprehensive

    In the Academy, highly complex technical knowledge is individually processed and combined with tactical know-how. This combination provides the greatest possible benefit for each participant.

  • 2. Collaborative

    Courses at the Academy do not compete with fire brigade training institutes, but optimally supplement and deepen participants’ knowledge in many areas.

  • 3. Cross-organisational

    Whenever possible and appropriate, we involve other organisations – such as emergency services – in our courses.

The three levels of value preservation

The Magirus Fire Fighter Academy offers three levels of training.

Level der Werterhaltung
  1. Operator training for Magirus equipment and vehicles.

  2. Professional preparation of basic courses that maintain fire-fighters’ basic technical knowledge for everyday use.

  3. Expert training aimed at increasing effectiveness through an understanding of the complex relationships involved in interactions between humans and technology.