Safety First – The Magirus Safety Game Contest

Every firefighter is familiar with these scenarios: A roof fire has been successfully fought, but there are further extinguishing-related tasks; there has been a traffic accident on an embankment; a risky mission high off the ground must be undertaken. In such situations, several crew members must be simultaneously protected against falls. This frequently requires creative solutions, because conventional systems quickly reach their limits. This is why we have launched the Magirus Safety Game. You and the others in your brigade can show us how you protect fellow crew-members against falls.

The task

First, build 2 towers, each with 7 beverage crates. They must be at least 2 metres apart from each other. One crew member climbs onto each tower. Then, both crew members must exchange positions without touching the ground. You can choose any type of technical firefighting equipment available to you. The only condition is that both crew members must be secured against falls during the entire exercise. The rest of the crew is there to support them. The task is successfully solved as soon as both crew members have exchanged positions without touching the ground.


Permitted Material

  • 14 beverages crates for building 2 towers, each with 7 crates
  • Any and all technical firefighting equipment that you have

Needed participants

Fire brigade crew 1+5

Here's how to take part:

Film a short video of your solution. Upload it to YouTube or any other website or video platform and send us the link using the provided registration form. The deadline for entries is Wednesday, 20 May 2015. Your entry gives you a chance to win 3x6 day passes for the Interschutz Trade Fair 2015 in Hanover. An jury will examine all videos submitted and determine the three winning crews.
We're looking forward to your entries!

Participation in the Competition

To participate in the competition, complete the entry form below and send us your video with the solution together with your contact details by 20 May 2015. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

  • Entry form for participation

    Entry form for participation

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