Conditions of Participation for the CDMAward 2018


Competition for German fire departments for the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award for the “National Firefighting Team of the Year” and for international fire department teams (outside of Germany) for the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award for the “International Firefighting Team of the Year”. The winner of the “Special Prize for Social Engagement” will be selected from international and national applications.

Event organiser

Magirus GmbH

Eligible participants

All fire department teams from volunteer fire departments, professional, company and factory fire brigades worldwide. For trans-regional operations, the number of participating fire brigades as part of a group submission is limited to four participants. National and international fire-fighting and fire-prevention organizations are excluded from participation. Magirus employees are not entitled to participate.

Registration / submission

Operations from the fields of firefighting, technical aid, people rescues, and social engagement can be submitted. Operations must have been carried out after October 10th 2016. Participation is free of charge. Operational reports with key detail information (procedures, tactics, success and photo / video footage) can be submitted either by email, mail or using the provided online registration form.


Operations assigned to the category of “social engagement” by the jury are eligible to win the special prize, but will not be included in the selection for National or International Firefighting Team of the Year.


Operations can be submitted only once. Operations already submitted for the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award 2016 are excluded from participation. Incorrect or incomplete applications will be excluded from the competition. By submitting their registration, each participant confirms to have read and accepted the Conditions of Participation.

Determining the winners

Winners (“International and National Firefighting Team of the Year” and “Special Prize for Social Engagement”) will be determined through a two-stage selection process. A jury will assess submitted operations based on the associated documents provided and select the finalists. In the second step, these pre-selected finalists will be posted for online voting on the website . The winning team for the “International and National Firefighting Team of the Year” and the winner of the “Special Prize for Social Engagement” will be determined by adding the jury verdict (60%) and online voting (40%).


The winning teams will each receive the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award in the form of a prestigious, engraved trophy and certificates for the team members.


The top prize for the “International Firefighting Team of the Year” and “National Firefighting Team of the Year” is a multi-day trip for eight members of the winning team to the FDNY (Fire Department of New York), including flights and hotel accommodation.


The main prize for the “Special Prize for Social Engagement” is a firefighting training programme provided by the Magirus Fire Fighter Academy, which can be individually adapted to the requirements of the winning team.


The awarded prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. 

Agreement to the Conditions of Participation

Through confirmation in the online participation form or by submitting the completed participation form, each participant confirms to have read and agreed to the Conditions of Participation. In addition, the fire department team commits to sending a delegation to the official award ceremony. If they do not attend the ceremony, the event organiser reserves the right to exclude the fire department team from competition.

Granting of rights

Each participant grants the event organisers non-exclusive, unlimited temporal, spatial and content-related rights of use to the work submitted for the competition, reporting on said competition (independent of the media used, including print and online), PR work, and announcements. This includes, in particular, the right to duplicate the work, distribute the work, and make it publicly accessible

Copyrights / personality rights

The submitter guarantees the event organisers that he has unlimited power of disposition of the work delivered (texts, images, graphics, etc.) and that the content is free in this respect from all third party rights, including any personality rights, and that it shall indemnify the event organiser against any claims by third parties upon first request.

Legal action

Lodging a submission does not automatically entitle the submitter to participate, for instance if there are copyright-related, technical, or ethical reasons to deny their participation. The event organiser also reserves the right to cancel the competition or to exclude individual teams from the competition at any time. Any recourse to legal action is excluded in every respect.