Maximum protection: The Magirus ProtectUs firefighter helmet

The Magirus ProtectUs P1 helmet developed from firefighters for firefighters is a powerful solution for fighting fires, both indoors and out. Our new full-shell helmet type B/3b offers maximum protection during all operations, as it withstands the highest mechanical loads and extreme temperatures. Thanks to its ergonomic neck area, we offer firefighters more mobility and less strain on the spine. In addition, the Magirus Protectus P1 is characterised by one helmet size, lightness, and an absolutely accurate fit. Of course, all components of the helmet have been intensively tested for their suitability for practical use. Communication systems can optionally be integrated into the harness of the helmet.

Built for demanding operations

Fire-fighting operations push people and materials to their performance limits. That is why the Magirus Protectus P1 helmet complies with all current standards such as EN 443:2008, EN 16471, and EN 16473. The Magirus Protectus P1 is made of high-temperature-restistant thermoplastic material, shaped into an ergonomic form using precise production processes. This allows us to offer high strength- and impact-resistance under extreme conditions.

Lightweight but robust

The adjustable axles allow perfect balancing of the Magirus Protectus P1 helmet’s centre of gravity and ensure comfortable and fatigue-free work for firefighters. The innovative design of the helmet shell allows maximum protection against lateral deformation.

  • Front Panel

    Exchangeable front panel can be fitted with the fire department logo or a helmet lamp.

  • Visor

    Class 1 vision-boosting visor for better vision and longer wearing comfort, also available in muted gold.

  • Mask Adapter

    User-friendly design that allows attachment of all common respirators.

  • Adjustment wheel

    Integrated low-profile adjustment wheel that can be easily operated with gloves.

Various colours. One size.

The Magirus Protectus P1 is not just a concept helmet, but a preview of our first full-shell helmet. It will be available from the beginning of 2023 in different colours:

  • Magirus Red
  • Day-glowing Yellow
  • Luminescent Yellow
  • Chrome
  • White

and many more.

Everything you need

The Protectus P1 will come with a wide range of accessories. Its replaceable cover is suitable for adapters to accommodate accessories such as a second helmet lamp, thermal imaging camera, etc. Communication systems can optionally be integrated into the harness of the helmet. You would like to get to know more?


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Information material

Get to know more about our Protecus P1 firefighter helmet and download our flyer.

Flyer Magirus Protectus P1 (English)
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Flyer Magirus Protectus P1 (German)
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