It's not always the shortest path that leads to the goal.

Those who only look straight ahead rarely see a revolutionary innovation. No one knows that better than our turntable ladder developers. Consistently thinking outside the box led them to a brilliant new solution in the early 1990s: MAGIRUS articulated arm technology. A quantum leap for fire brigades; greater safety for the public. And for us? A huge success – but absolutely no reason for complacency. In 2000 we developed the CS control system, in 2005 the articulated arm with telescope, in 2010 a completely new high-performance extension technology. And in 2012, we brought out the highest articulated arm turntable ladder in the world, with a working height of 42 m.

And in the future? As active fire-fighters, we are always discovering what improvements need to be made. And as passionate lateral thinkers, we find the best solutions.

More outreach. More working height. More depth below ground level. More capabilities.

Magirus turntable ladders with articulated arms and telescoping articulated arms go to work where conventional turntable ladders reach their limits:

  • Reaching emergencies in narrow city centres
  • Winding, contorted industrial facilities
  • Gabled windows, pitched roofs and skylights on gable rears
  • Recessed galleries and patios
  • Below ground-level areas
  • Balustrades
  • Road overhead lines
  • Lighting and telephone cables
    • Articulated arm

      Magirus articulated arm

      Magirus articulated arm

      With our ladders, nothing is beyond your reach.

      Articulated ladders offer their full benefit in city centres or with objects that can only be approached from one side. For roof fires or rescuing people from attic apartments, the articulated arm in combination with the three- or four-person rescue cage provides optimal access. Roofs can be easily moved around and even recessed windows or rescue routes can be reached.

    • Telescoping articulated arm

      Telescoping articulated arm

      Telescoping articulated arm

      The bendable, telescoping articulated arm makes a crucial difference in overcoming walls, fences and other hurdles. Its ability to be immersed in containers, silos, shafts etc. increases its tactical operational value. Optionally available with shaft rescue function.

    • Single Extension technology

      Single extension technology

      Single extension technology

      Not all ladder sections are extended simultaneously; instead, the topmost section is first extended on its own followed by all other ladder sections. This saves energy and conserves material. Compared to conventional articulated arm turntable ladders, the weight distribution between the front and rear axles is improved and the payload of the rear axle increased.

    Extinguish. Save. Rescue. Protect.

    Special equipment and functional accessories increase the opportunities to provide help with a Magirus turntable ladder – and impressively demonstrate the aerial rescue expertise of the market leader.

    • Magirus Safety Peak

      Magirus Safety Peak

      Because in an emergency, every detail counts.

      The top ladder section and turret of all Magirus turntable ladders are serially equipped with anchor points for rope rescue and fall protection. The Magirus Safety Peak, an optional cage-mounted protection bar, allows convenient and even safer work in the cage. This kind of detail makes your life easier in an emergency.

      Example: Fall protection

      The Magirus Safety Peak can provide optimal fall protection from the cage, e.g. when working on a roof. The belay device is attached to the Magirus Safety Peak and can easily be operated from the rescue cage. The turntable ladder can be precisely controlled from the rescue cage.

      Example: Rope rescue

      Likewise, the Magirus Safety Peak is perfectly suited for rescue operations with basket stretchers, e.g. from the depths of a construction site. The basket stretcher can be easily attached to the MAGIRUS Safety Peak from the rescue cage using the optional connector. The length of the connector for stretcher rescue is variable.

      Retrofitting your tried and true turntable ladder?

      Magirus turntable ladders manufactured after 2002 can be retrofitted with anchor points at the peak and on the turret for securing persons. Contact your Magirus Customer Service on-site. We will be please to connect you +49 731 408-2248.

      Brochure "Magirus Safety Peak"

    • Magirus MDE direct cage entry

      Magirus direct cage entrance

      Magirus direct cage entrance

      The Magirus direct cage entrance option enables rescue personnel to quickly reach the optimal position for entering the rescue cage entrance from articulated turntable ladders in front of the cab. It is activated via a soft key on the cage operating stand or a button on the front of the vehicle.

      This does not change the length of telescoping articulated arms in order to reach the entry position as quickly as possible. Instead, the other positions are adapted so that the same point in front of the cab is always reached.

    • Stretcher swivel support (KTL)

      Stretcher swivel support (KTL)

      Stretcher swivel support (KTL)

      After intensive analysis and cooperation with customers, Magirus has developed a swivelling stretcher support device that can handle loads of up to 270 kg. This development includes all known features of previous Magirus swivelling devices, such as:

      • 360° swivelling
      • Option of attachment on both cage sides
      • Numerous locking options
      • Mounting options for the widest variety of stretcher and rescue basket makes, both standardised and non-standardised

      Thus, fire brigades that use our new RC 400 cage do not have to do without any previous features and advantages. And what's more, it has a special characteristic: The 270° kg carrying capacity enables the same easy handling during the rescue of obese people. This solution shows how Magirus responds to market demands and facilitates the daily work of many fire brigades. Under certain circumstances, it eliminates the enormous amount of time and effort required in crane rescues. For patients themselves, such rescues are connected with much less stress because the rescue is much faster and the patient is always accompanied in the cage. The financial expense is minimised as well.

    • Monitor & Positive pressure ventilator

      Monitor & Positive pressure ventilator

      The two multi-function columns on the cage can be used to mount either the stretcher support or the monitor and a positive pressure ventilator simultaneously.

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