It's not only what they have inside, there's even more on top.

When particularly large amounts of extinguishing agents are needed, the water supply is poor or distances are great, it's time to call in the specialists: Tank pumpers that can carry large quantities of extinguishing agents and apply them forcefully where needed on the scene. Our fire-fighting giants carry up to 10,000 l water as well as a choice of foam, powder or CO2, all made possible by a special superstructure concept with external tanks positioned transverse to the rear axle(s). Having an enormous amount of strength is one thing; knowing how to apply it effectively is another. Magirus high-performance pumps, mechanical and electric proportioning systems and high-capacity monitors get the job done. And there's no need to fear these gentle giants: With the HMI pump control unit they're as easy to control as every other Magirus vehicle.

Whatever you need: It's all there.

Heavy pumper

Thanks to optional features and a modular system, every fire brigade can specify the vehicles needed to meet its own exact needs.

The AluFire 3 superstructure system creates a generous amount of space, which can be ideally utilized due to many clever details that are clearly rooted in practice. Of particular note are creative, individual solutions for stowage of equipment and fittings, ergonomic removal heights in all equipment spaces and many ideas that save time on the job and increase safety.

Many Standards, Many Needs, Just One Name: Magirus

You specify the requirements, we'll build the vehicle. Special fire-fighting chassis variants – For every terrain and at any tonnage. With various cab variants and highly flexible superstructure concepts we can realize the ideal solution for you.

The properties of our medium fire engine class:

Permissible gross weight:
  • 18-40 t
  • 1+2, 1+5, 1+8
Extinguishing agent capacity:
  • Water with external tank: 6,000 - 18,000 l
  • Foam tank: 200 - 18,000 l
Pump capacity:
  • With external tank: 2,000 – 10,000 l / at 10 bar
  • Superstructure concept: External Tank

    Superstructure concept: External Tank

    Superstructure concept: External Tank

    The principle "High-Performance Extinguishing Specialist"

    The superstructure concept with an external tank is ideal when large amounts of different extinguishing media are needed. The additional equipment is used primarily for fighting fires. Special extinguishing systems such as powder, CO2, gels etc. are also available, depending on your requirements.

    Large tanks transverse to the rear axle(s) enable the implementation of up to 18,000 l of extinguishing agent. Individual solutions with special extinguishing systems such as foam, powder or CO2 are also available, e.g. for industrial plant fire brigades.

  • High-capacity monitors

    High-capacity monitors

    High-capacity monitors

    High-capacity monitors with a spraying performance of from 400 to 6,000 l/min ensure precisely targeted extinguishing power. They can be mounted on the driver's cab, the superstructure roof or the bumper and can be operated manually or remotely via radio or cable connection.

    A variety of foam pipes are available, including self-priming pipes as well as combined monitors with multiple pipes for using water, foam and powder.

  • AluFire 3

    AluFire 3

    AluFire 3

    Rely on the original: AluFire 3

    Magirus invented the aluminium superstructure for fire-fighting vehicles. In its third generation, the AluFire system has already proven thousands of times that it is more flexible, intelligent, powerful and successful than ever.

    Robust. Lightweight. Uncomplicated.

    Specially designed for Magirus, the anodised aluminium profiles are highly resistant, stable and extremely long-lasting. Fewer overall components mean reduced weight and simplified maintenance and repairs. We guarantee against rust-through for 12 years – only in connection with a maintenance contract.


    You get three dimensions of flexibility.

    Surrounded 360° by aluminium carrier bands for full loading flexibility: This enables uninterrupted floor to roof loading. Panel-shelves can also be inserted without the need to remove any components.

    Heavy-duty and long-lasting solution.

    Highly stable sandwich floors are extremely strong. Countersunk screws prevent injuries and damage to equipment. Smooth-surfaced floors are easy to clean.

  • Proven Magirus Pump Technology

    Proven Magirus Pump Technology

    We put fire under real pressure.

    We offer two different pump systems for Magirus small fire-fighting vehicles. Whether you need a permanently installed pump or a portable fire pump: Our extinguishing technology can stop fires quickly and efficiently.

  • Permanently installed Magirus pumps

    Permanently installed Magirus pumps

    Permanently installed Magirus pumps

    The tail-mounted Magirus pump is powered by a chassis motor via a drive shaft. The built-in fire pump is connected to the fire-fighting water tank and the rapid water release unit or (as an option) to the quick attack hose reel. The low pump control stand features ergonomic operation. The pump valve in suction intake A enables input pressure of up to 10 bar. That means that higher hydrant pressures or pumping water over long distances is no problem. Foam proportioning systems can be integrated on request.

  • Magirus Primatic self-priming system

    Magirus Primatic self-priming system

    Magirus Primatic self-priming system

    Magirus Primatic is the heart of our pumps. It is particularly safe and low-wear. Its design is based on the membrane pump, which is known for its insensitivity to dirt. The self-priming system is switched on and off directly by pump pressure, without additional mechanical, hydraulic or electrical aid.

  • Magirus pump control unit HMI (Human Machine Interface)

    Magirus pump control unit HMI (Human Machine Interface)

    Magirus pump control unit HMI (Human Machine Interface)
    • The modern, up-to-date control system that can be operated quickly and easily even without computer experience.
    • Logical, intuitive combination of familiar pushbutton operation for the main functions supported by a display that shows all necessary information.
    • Simplest possible menu structure with flat hierarchies – without complicated menu changes, without touchscreen
    • Can also be used as a display for the rear view camera (optional) – pushbuttons can be operated with gloves.
    • Display instruments, e.g. manometers, have a familiar analogue look – remote diagnostics possible for telematics systems
    • Now new with integrated light mast operation – control of all CAN-bus networking in the superstructure and in built on components via FireCan
    • Same operating logic as the driver's cab HMI control unit simplifies handling and training
  • Magirus foam proportioning systems

    Magirus foam proportioning systems

    Magirus offers two different foam proportioning technologies for creating Class A and B wetting agents and foam compounds as well as for alcohol resistant foam compounds, e.g. AFFF.

  • FireDos®



    The almost completely maintenance-free FireDos® proportioning system ensures constant proportioning even with fluctuations in flow or operational pressure. Input pressure is generated hydraulically by the fire-fighting water flow.

    FireDos® is available for operational pressures of up to 40 bar and covers wide flow and proportioning ranges; 40 to more than 10,000 l/min. The pressure foam proportioning system regulates all known liquid foam and fire-fighting agents with the widest possible range of viscosity and consistency.

  • Magirus CaddiSYS

    Magirus CaddiSYS

    Magirus CaddiSYS

    Reliable. Flexible. Simple.

    This user-friendly Magirus system with electronic foam generation makes intervention fast and efficient. The foam proportioning system has an electronically controlled pressure foam proportioning system in compliance with DIN 14430 as D2A8/0.1–6 and D2A16/0.1–6, with proportioning after the pump.

    Further details:

    • Extinguishing foam mixture supplied to one quick attack unit and one or two B-outputs
    • Foam supplied from one or two foam tanks
    • Flow volume: Water from 80 up to a maximum of 2,000 l, foam up to a maximum of 30 l. Proportioning rates: 0.1 – 6%, 0.1 – 1% in 0.1%
    • Electric power from the 24 volt on-board power supply

    Special features of Magirus CaddiSYS:

    • Electronically regulated three-cylinder piston pump, self-priming – constant proportioning of foam viscosity
    • Draw from external foam containers – flow meter for foam and water
    • Complete control of functions using the HMI control unit at the pump stand; simplest possible operation of most important functions via direct-access buttons
    • Comprehensive display of information such as fill levels, flow volumes, operation period remaining
    • Trouble-free mechanical emergency operations
    • Modular construction for simple installation and service
    • Additional features available
  • Magirus CaddiCAFS

    Magirus CaddiCAFS

    The Magirus CaddiCAFS compressed air foam system is a highly efficient yet extremely easy-to-operate extinguishing system. It combines the benefits of the high-performance Magirus centrifugal pump, the exact regulation of the CaddiSYS pressure foam proportioning system and high-energy compressed air.

    It can be configured for one-touch operation to automatically activate the following procedures:

    • Starting the vehicle engine
    • Engaging the P.T.O.
    • Bringing the pump to optimum output pressure
    • Activating the pressure foam proportioning system , which then mixes at the optimal proportioning rate
    • Compressor introduces compressed air into the water/foam compound flow
    • Compressed air foam is emitted

    Using the system as a pure pressure foam-proportioning system (without compressed air) is just as easy as a switchover between wet and dry foam at the push of a button.

    Your security:

    • Maximal reliability: In case of a compressed-air failure, the foam proportioning remains active; in case of a proportioning failure, the water stream is transported to the nozzle without obstruction: One-touch operation
    • Compressed air components are not activated until the foam compound is proportioned
    • Compressor and pump temperatures are monitored
    • System is not disturbed by wastewater
    • Optimum system cooling using water/oil heat exchanger; Made with reliable, inspected standard industrial components
    • Reliability through CAN-bus control
    • Protection against accidental selection of dry instead of wet foam
  • Cab


    Ready, Set – Go.

    How efficiently and safely an operation runs isn't decided when you arrive at the scene of action, but on your way there. This is why the practical layout of the driver's cab and crew compartment is just as important to us as the way the equipment lockers are designed. We offer two different technologies for three applications.

  • Magirus HMI cab control unit (Human Machine Interface)

    Magirus HMI cab control unit (Human Machine Interface)

    Magirus HMI cab control unit (Human Machine Interface)
    • Clear display of all functions, status values and possible warning messages with highly legible graphics and symbols
    • The display is easily viewed by the operator and vehicle driver for especially safe activation of functions
    • No retrofitted wiring or switches are necessary in the dashboard – for the greatest possible reliability
    • Simple integration and control of additional units via FireCan – the same operating logic used for the HMI pump control unit simplifies handling and training
    • The highest system security in the industry due to independent, double CAN control systems as well as pneumatic and manual emergency operation

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