Turntable ladder M32L-AT

The Magirus M32L-AT articulated turntable ladder with telescoping arm is the original of its kind. Several hundred units are already successfully on the job. The articulated ladder gets through to rescue locations that normal turntable ladders can't reach.

  • Technical characteristics

    Technical characteristics

    Chassis: 16 t class chassis
    e.g. IVECO MAGIRUS EuroCargo 160 E 30 4x2
    or similar chassis from other manufacturers
    also available on low-level chassis
    Engine power: 220 kW / 299 HP
    Wheelbase: 4,815 mm
    Cabin + Seats: All steel technology 1 + 2
    Gross vehicle weight: 15,000 /16,000 kg
  • Superstructure
    Turntable ladder M32L-AT
    • Rescue height: 30.5 m
    • Working height: 32 m
    • Rescue cage RC300: 3 persons
  • Options

    • Rescue cage RC400, 4 persons, pre-piped for monitor
    • Manual or electric controlled water monitor, mountable or permanently integrated
    • Autopilot: Memory control, shaft rescue function, automatic ladder rest position
    • Remote diagnostic system
    • Thermal imaging / real imaging camera on rescue cage
    • Swivel device for stretcher: 200 kg
    • Load eye for the transport of loads or rescue of oversized persons with heavy duty stretcher:
      • Load eye on cage floor RC300: 300 kg
      • Load eye on cage floor RC400: 400 kg
      • Load eye on top ladder section: 400 kg

    • Mounting for positive pressure ventilator on rescue cage
    • Crane device up to 4,000 kg on lower ladder section
    • Descent device on the cage
    • Foldable seat in the cage with RC400
    • Exterior design and painting options
    • Power supply to the cage and several lightings
    • Direct cage entrance in front of the cab
    • Wide ranging additional equipment available

Advantages & special features of the M32L-AT

The full automatic articulated ladder M32L-AT with combined, simultaneous movements according to DIN EN 14043. The 5-sections ladder set with active oscillation damping CS (Computer Stabilized) and additional telescopic section ensures variable penetration depth up to 4.7 m. It comes with VARIO jacking safety system. The ladder turret with automactic self-levelling provides up to 17.6% side slope. The Magirus M32L-AT is very easy to safely operate thanks to display indications and computer monitoring. The rescue cage with centrally arranged control stand comes with entrance gates at the cage front corners according to practical experience.

Information material

You will find more information about the vehicle here.

Technical Datasheet Magirus M32L-AT
Technical Datasheet M32L-AT (English)

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