Magirus M34L-H - For "heavy duty" operations

The M34L-H revolutionises turntable ladder technology: The high-performance heavyweight offers a wide range of use, was designed based on real-world experience, has a high rescue capacity, and is equipped with state-of-the-art safety technology. First presented at the 2015 Interschutz, the turntable ladder impresses  with overreach, extensive space,  high water output and considerable load capacity.

Technical data

Working height:34 m
Rescue cage:RC500-H for 5 persons / 500 kg
Chassis type:Appropriate three-axle-chassis of the 26 t class
Ladder set:4 sections

A new dimension in performance.

Magirus M34L-H with RC500-H

Larger cage, higher water output.

The M34L-H turntable ladder was developed by working together closely with fire departments. The spacious cage and the increased water output are valuable improvements for heavy industry fire departments and clients from countries that adhere to NFPA standards. The performance profile makes it more than just a reliable alternative to rescue platforms.

M34L-H with spacious equipment compartments (exemplary equipped)

Extensive space and considerable load capacity.

To store tactical fire department equipment, the "Heavy Duty" turntable ladder's plattform was raised so that additional, extensive equipment storage space was created on the sides. In addition, a further deep equipment area is located on the back side, which offers space to securely store extension and roof ladders.

  • XLL VARIO jacking system
    Magirus XLL VARIO jacking system

    The XLL VARIO jacking system was custom-built for Magirus turntable ladders with working heights of more than 55 m. It ensures maximum reliability and stability - even on inclined or slippery surfaces. The smooth outreach control allows flexible adaption of outreach. It can be operated fast and easy while providing an extremely fast set-up.

  • RC500-H rescue cage

    The RC500-H was especially developed for the M34L-H turntable ladder. It has a load capacity of up to  500 kg and five people as well as an increased cage surface of 1.25 square meters. Some characteristics at a glance:

    • Three multifunction columns maximum flexibility
    • Four large and accessible entry points: Easy to walk onto - even when wearing breathing apparatus
    • Wide front access can be entered by wheelchair
    • Can be swiveled to both sides at a 45-degree-angle
    • Permanently installed water monitor, output can be set incrementally between 1,000 and 4,000 l/min
    • Two LED spotlights at the cage front, further LED modules at the cage floor optionally available

For the most diverse missions.

To ensure that firefighters are well equipped for any job, we offer a wide range of special equipment and functional accessories to make Magirus turntable ladders efficient rescue devices. These are some possible options for the M34L-H:

  • Crew cabin, e.g. Magirus Team Cab
  • Tank for fire extinguishing agent
  • Fire-fighting centrifugal pump
  • Foam proportioning systems
  • “Magirus Edge Light“ safety lighting built into the bottom profile
  • Electrical power supply to cage and various types of illumination
  • Thermal imaging / Real imaging cameras
  • Positive pressure ventilator storage at cage
  • 360° swivel device for stretcher: 270 kg
  • Load eye for load transport on lower ladder section: 6,000 kg
  • Magirus Safety Peak: anchor point for securing and rescuing up to 2 persons, EN 795-certified
  • Functional equipment for rope rescuing and safety
  • Autopilot memory control, automatic ladder rest position, shaft rescue function 
  • Remote diagnostic system
  • Space to store extension and roof ladders at the rear according to NFPA
  • Variable custom design and painting options

Magirus turntable ladders offer firefighters many more practice-oriented solutions and equipment. Would you like to get more information?


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Information material

You will find more information about the vehicle here.

Technical Datasheet Magirus M34L-H
Technical Datasheet M34L-H (English)
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