Magirus M68L - The world's highest turntable ladder

A completely new dimension: The Magirus M68L turntable ladder is currrently the highest turntable ladder in the world. The vehicle officially presented at the 2015 Interschutz exhibition has a working height of 68 meters - and sets standards beyond height. According to EN 1846 and DIN EN 14043, the vehicle perfectly fulfills all requirements of assigned duties like rescuing people from great height, firefighting or providing technical assistance.

Magirus M68L side view

Technical data

Working height:

68 m
Rescue cage:RC300 for 3 persons / 300 kg
Chassis type:

Appropriate three- or four-axle chassis,

34 t class, e.g. Iveco Trakker or Scania P
Ladder set:7 sections

Innovative technologies are our standard

Magirus M68L main control stand

The main control stand: Where ergonomics meets design

A wide access and the ergonomic protection bar offer more safety when entering the main control stand. The heated seating area is spacious and allows crews to sit comfortably in firefighting gear. The angle of seat inclination is automatically set depending on the ladder angle while individual adjustments can be made at any time. The colour display swivels into its working position at the touch of a button and can be easily operated with one hand.

Get to know more about our TTL design.

Magirus RE300 rescue lift

For demanding tasks: The RE300 rescue lift

The rescue lift for Magirus turntable ladders was redeveloped for even better performance. It has a load capacity of 300 kg or 3 persons plus additional load. The rescue lift goes from the ladder top completely to the floor of the vehicle parking area. This guarantees simpler and faster exits directly on safe ground. The lift ride is automatically controlled while the speed can be set individually. Due to the simplified crossover function, the lift provides invaluable help when crews must be transported from the ground to the top and thus to the deployment site.

Further included technologies

  • XLL VARIO jacking system
    Magirus XLL VARIO jacking system

    The XLL VARIO jacking system was custom-built for Magirus turntable ladders with working heights of more than 55 m. It ensures maximum reliability and stability - even on inclined or slippery surfaces. The smooth outreach control allows flexible adaption of outreach. It can be operated fast and easy while providing an extremely fast set-up.

  • RC300 rescue cage

    RC 300 rescue cage

    RC 300 rescue cage

    The RC 300 is a spacious cage that enables many possible uses while simultaneously allowing the most extreme turntable ladder outreach.

    • Payload 300 kg
    • Two multifunctional columns positioned at the sides
    • Control stand in the cage centre
    • Four sockets (1 x 400 V, 3 x 230 V)
    • LED floodlights integrated in the cage front
    • Removable water monitor; waterway runs outside of the cage; max. 2,500 l/min
    • Practical corner entrances
    • Fold-away doors on the sides and protection bars enable unhindered access – important for those wearing breathing masks

For the most diverse missions.

To ensure that firefighters are well equipped for any job, we offer a wide range of special equipment and functional accessories to make Magirus turntable ladders efficient rescue devices. These are some possible options for the M68L:

  • “Magirus Edge Light“ safety lighting built into the bottom profile
  • Telescopic water pipe at the ladder set
  • Manually or electrically controlled water monitor, adjustable
  • Power supply to cage and various types of illumination
  • Thermal imaging / real imaging camera at cage
  • Positive pressure ventilator storage at cage
  • 360° swivel device for stretcher: 200 kg
  • Self-protection nozzles at cage floor
  • Radio remote control for elevator
  • Remote diagnostic system
  • Fire-fighting centrifugal pump & foam proportioning systems
  • Variable custom design and painting options

Magirus turntable ladders offer firefighters many more practice-oriented solutions and equipment. Would you like to get more information?


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Information material

You will find more information about the vehicle here.

Technical Datasheet Magirus M68L
Technical Datasheet M68L (English)
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