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Magirus Image brochure
Magirus Image brochure (English)
Our mission is to develop and build the best fire-fighting equipment in the world. Get to know more about Magirus!
3 MB
Brochure Magirus Turntable Ladders
Brochure Magirus Turntable Ladders (English)
Exceptional performance in series: Our proven Magirus turntable ladders combine unique quality and innovative technology.
5 MB
Brochure Magirus Turntable Ladder Design
Brochure Magirus Turntable Ladder Design (English)
Evolutionary in every aspect: The new turntable ladder is designed according to the principle that form follows function, safety and ergonomics.
1 MB
Brochure Magirus Light Pumpers
Brochure Magirus Light Pumpers (English)
A wide range of individual vehicle configurations allow Magirus light pumpers to handle the varied tasks required of fire brigades.
6 MB
Brochure Magirus Pumpers & Firefighting Vehicles
Brochure Magirus Pumpers & Firefighting Vehicles (English)
From medium pumpers meeting national or international standards all the way to highly individual large tank pumpers and special firefighting vehicles, we build them.
7 MB
Brochure Magirus Team Cab
Brochure Magirus Team Cab (English)
The safest place before and after the mission: Our Magirus Team Cab with its modular concept is designed around the firefighters.
2 MB
Brochure Magirus ARFF vehicles
Brochure Magirus ARFF vehicles (English)
Magirus firefighting vehicles for airport fire departments: Extreme performance and reliability for emergencies.
1 MB
Brochure Magirus Fire Fighter Academy
Brochure Magirus Fire Fighter Academy (English)
The purpose of the Academy is to ensure that firefighters get the most out of our vehicles and equipment. Find out more about our trainings!
6 MB
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