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The Magirus Fire Fighter Academy.

It’s one thing to own the latest equipment. Using it to the fullest extent as well as operating it reliably and safely is another. This is what the Magirus Fire Fighter Academy is there for. It is the meeting place for everyone who wants the maximum from their Magirus equipment and readiness for new technologies. It is a seminar and training centre where knowledge is conveyed, know-how expanded and skills trained. The Fire Fighter Academy covers operator and driving safety training all the way to courses on tactics and practice missions under real-life conditions. Our service range is structured to capture the enthusiasm of both fire brigade leadership and rank-and-file fire-fighters.

News about the Fire Fighter Academy

  • The Magirus Fire Fighter Academy held a course in turntable ladder tactics for the Professional Fire Department Klagenfurt, Austria. During the three-day training, the machine operators learned about the entire spectrum of the articulated ladder's capabilities.

  • During a five-day seminar, the Fire Fighter Academy used various deployment scenarios to train the Magdeburg Fire Department in the operation of the new articulated turntable ladder. The development of tailor-made courses is one of the core competencies of the training centre, which celebrates its...

  • The first M32L-AS n.B. series production vehicle left the plant in Ulm. On the way to Munich, it stopped for a Driver Safety Training seminar with the Magirus Fire Fighter Academy. The experts taught instructors from the Munich and Augsburg professional fire departments the technical driving-related...

  • In a several day seminar held by the Fire Fighter Academy, professional fire departments trained the practical use of turntable ladders in various application scenarios. Instructors from the professional FDs of Munich and Augsburg saw for themselves how the added value of the new turntable ladder...

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The Fire Fighter Academy: Insights.

At Magirus, we benefit just as much as our Academy participants, because knowledge grows when you share it – in all directions. This is also where we get important information that helps us improve our products even more or to develop completely new ones. If you have any further queries, requests or suggestions, we will be pleased to assist you. Contact our Fire Fighter Academy Team.